Actor Vijay Deverakonda recently flew to Mumbai from Hyderabad to clear the air with the Maratha Mandir and Gaiety Galaxy theatre owner who called him ‘arrogant’ due to one of his statements, where the actor said, ‘kaun rokenge dekh lenge (who will stop, we will see)’ amid his recently released film ‘Liger’ amid the ongoing boycott trend.

Recently, the Liger star’s video around the subject of audiences boycotting films went viral on the internet and didn’t sit down well with many. However, clarifying the exact context of the conversation and the entire content of the interview, Vijay Deverakonda ensured that the rumours were put to rest with Mr Desai and any others who may have been hurt by the statement.

Touched by the young star’s gesture, Manoj Desai even shared that he was upset and apologized for the extreme reaction. He said, “He is a really very nice guy, down to earth, I will keep loving him always. He has got a bright future and I promise hereby, I will take all his pictures. I wish him all the best.”

During the course of the conversation Vijay also clarified that he not only respects but also loves his audience and is constantly running on promotions for 30 days to reach the larger audience. He also stated that he makes films for the audience and he has emerged from them.

Moreover, he mentioned that, there is a group of people who always raise their voices to boycott the film, but it’s not that they are boycotting a hero or a heroine, it’s about the whole team who are working on it and their families.

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