Jesson Prothia Biswas Pranto

CEO and Founder of

Jesson Prothia Biswas Pranto

In 2016, Jesson Prothia Biswas Pranto, with a group of his School friends ventured to start an online job blog site that can help young job seekers and professionals of the country to find out vacancy information. is now the largest Job-related Blog platform in the country.

Jesson Prothia Biswas Pranto is also Director of Advisor at  Boon Pharmaceuticals Limited. Basically, he is a Web developer. He also started his Gymnastics Website and that is His school life was great. He passed SSC from Jashore Zilla School. Then he finished a Diploma in computer engineering from BCMC College of Engineering & Technology  Jessore.

Jesson Prothia Biswas Pranto and his friend’s vision was to create more employment opportunities in the country and to try bringing Internet technology into the mainstream business and economic life of society. Jesson Prothia Biswas Pranto one of the eight professionals remains very passionate about doing something for the betterment of his country based on technology. Later after, he becomes the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of

Jesson Prothia Biswas Pranto believes that honesty and clarity in purpose can help a person achieve any difficult target. As a leader, he thinks the most important thing is to have confidence in the team members and empower them.