Eastern Bank Limited Job Circular 2022

Eastern Bank Limited Job Circular 2022 has been published by the authority. It’s a big Eastern Bank Limited opportunity for all people. Because maximum people want to like a good job. In this case, the circular job is too much important for the people. Most of the people are unemployed in our country. This job is very important for them. It’s a great honor job. That’s a dream job for the people of our country. It’s an attractive circular job.

আপনি কি ডিভি লটারি ২০২৪তে এপ্লাই করতে চান?

তাহলে আপনি এখানে ক্লিক করে মোবাইল থেকে সহজেই আবেদন করতে পারবেন। ১৮-৩২ বছর বয়সী সকল নারী-পুরুষ আবেদন করতে পারবেন। আমেরিকায় কাজ করার এটি একটি সুবর্ণ সুযোগ।

Eastern Bank Limited Job Circular 2022

If you want to apply for this job, you have to submit your application within the time limit. A job notification in Eastern Bank Limited is given below.

General Information

Name: Eastern Bank Limited
Head Office Address:
Eastern Bank Ltd. 100 Gulshan Avenue Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh
Website: Here is all the information relating to employment. Our goal is to provide all the information relating to employment. This service will play a major role in reducing unemployment. Eastern Bank Limited has been converted to an image file so that everyone can read it easily or download this Job Circular 2022. Eastern Bank Limited has been given below.

Job Information

Job Title Eastern Bank Limited Job Circular 2022
Number of Posts See the recruitment notice below
Job Location See the recruitment notice below
Job Location Address See the recruitment notice below
No. of Vacancies See the recruitment notice below
Job Nature See the recruitment notice below
Gender See the recruitment notice below
Age Limitation See the recruitment notice below
Qualification See the recruitment notice below
Experience See recruitment notification below
Salary See the recruitment notice below
Published Date See the recruitment notice below
Application Deadline See the recruitment notice below
Currency BDT
Hiring organization Eastern Bank Limited

Eastern Bank Limited Job CircularEastern Bank Limited Job Circular 2022

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Eastern Bank Limited Job Circular 2022 Eastern Bank Limited Job Circular 2022 Eastern Bank Limited Job Circular 2022 Eastern Bank Limited Job Circular 2022 Eastern Bank Limited Job Circular 2022 Eastern Bank Limited Job Circular 2022

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Eastern Bank Limited Job Circular 2022

About Eastern Bank Limited

Leveraging on core strengths in IT, corporate governance and service excellence, Eastern Bank Limited, better known for its acronym EBL, has emerged as one of the most valuable financial institutions in Bangladesh. The guiding principle of EBL is to meet new challenges of contemporary market place and at the same time is focused on the power of personal touch and relationship banking.

With a humble beginning in 1992, EBL moved forward with a small yet confident stride and a pledge to impacting lives positively. Today EBL stands for service excellence, product innovation and world class banking experience. The most awarded bank in the country, EBL is also the first bank to be rated by the world’s top rating agency Moody’s and was awarded Ba3. The rating has been reaffirmed for the past three consecutive years. EBL’s current rating is B1.

Touching lives and impacting economy is the bracing motto of EBL. In power and energy, EBL supported projects have the capacity of generating over 2100 MWs of electricity. EBL handles USD 5 billion worth trade volume of Bangladesh. In aviation financing EBL is an undisputed leader. EBL has so far financed USD 192 million in 12 aircraft including the national flag carrier Bangladesh Biman.

State-of-the-art IT solutions is one of the key sources of strength for the bank. The PCIDSS for card security certificate has been awarded to EBL first in 2016 and reaffirmed in 2017 and 2018 by world’s most renowned cyber security leader NCC Group of UK. Network Intelligence Global Cybersecurity provider awarded EBL the PCIDSS certificate for card security for the year 2019 and 2020.

Effective corporate governance in accordance with high international standards is of paramount importance to EBL. Our system of corporate governance provides the basis for the responsible management, transparency of processes and compliance to regulatory bodies with a focus on sustainable value creation. EBL has got recognition for last five consecutive years at the ICSB National Award for Corporate Governance Excellence award.

Our relentless effort to upgrade and update on every account of standardization is reflected in our Operations department’s recent ISO 9001: 2015 certification.

In retail banking EBL is now considered as a leader in the market. The Singapore-based Asian Banker Awards for Excellence in Retail Banking found our performance as a retail bank at par with the best in banking industry in the world. We have been awarded with the Best Retail Bank in Bangladesh accolade for the last six consecutive years.

EBL from 2016 to 2018 for last three consecutive years has won Euromoney Best Bank in Bangladesh for its professionalism, prudence, and growth. EBL also won the Best Corporate and Investment Bank accolade from Asiamoney three times and the Best Bank in Bangladesh in 2017 and Best Investment Bank of Bangladesh in 2019 by FinanceAsia. Local credit rating CRISL has been upgraded from AA to AA+.

In September 2018, EBL has been adjudged as the ‘Superbrand’ of Bangladesh for the year 2018-2020 by the Superbrands Bangladesh for being one of the most valuable and trusted financial brands in Bangladesh. This is the second time EBL has won the award.

EBL is passionate about performance and is always hungry to better its ratios consistently and sustainably.

EBL logo: A Promise of Service Excellence

Introduced in 2003, the tri-colour mnemonic of EBL signifies vibrant colors of the sun, the sky and the earth. The logo radiates a sense of youthfulness. The concept of putting the vibrant shade of yellow on extreme right represents the sun as the source of all energy to our life and existence. The design of the tri-color flow is supported by a well-defined brand personality highlighting unique characteristics of EBL, its passionate, precise, confident and agile mind. The final element in the logo design is the brand promise, ‘Simple Math’ which declares the promise of service excellence and hassle-free world-class banking.

Adapting to Changes

The world of business is changing fast and in fundamental ways. Every day we experience rapidly evolving customer needs, faster leveling of competitive advantage, greater regulations, and ever-changing nature of technology and risk.

In this constantly changing business environment, we pursue efficient cost management and promote consistent productivity gains through seamless coordination between business functions to deliver sustained growth. As a good corporate citizen we believe that our paramount responsibility to society and to our stakeholders is to be there in good times and bad times.
For us making changes is a way of life.

With increasingly fierce competition in the market place, attracting, retaining and nurturing the best talent has never been more important to EBL. In an environment of rapid change, our aim is to be an attractive employer by boosting the innovative potential of our staff through ‘people engagement’ initiatives.

While we are embedding our values and beliefs in recruiting and onboarding processes as well as in development activities, we are also focusing on scouting latent talent in our employees through creative engagement programs.

We have a well-defined Human Resource policy of ‘The right talent at the right place’, which encompasses cultural transformation, diversity and inclusion to foster leadership and talent management. Our aim is to recruit and retain the best, highly talented employees to secure our future and contribute to the human capital development of the banking industry.

For us our employee is the most valuable asset of the company. Employee engagement is, therefore, at the top of all our agenda. Nurturing future leaders, scouting talents, encouraging creative pursuits among the employees has made EBL an exciting place to work with zest and passion.

For us making changes is a way of life.

Living the brand: Engagement of People

At EBL, we adhere to open communication policy: we invite, provide and respect challenging views. In 2015, we gave this culture of open communication policy a formal platform to channel free flow of new ideas. To involve every one of the organization within the process of innovative thinking, we established a capacity enhancement center for EBL called Nest. The cozy and unconventional setting of the center is designed to inspire to think out-of-the-box. Apart from regular brainstorming meetings, the center hosts lectures by luminaries of the society to talk about management, leadership, and innovation. Former Governor of central bank of Bangladesh Dr. Atiur Rahman, current Governor Fazle Kabir, Professor Abdullah Abu Sayeed, Chairman of ACI Limited M Anis Ud Dowla among others, visited the center in connection with the lecture program and shared with the senior management of EBL their stories of life how those impacted their lives and shape their careers.

We firmly believe that every human being is endowed with immense potential and to foster the potential in our employees we have initiated annual employee photography contest in 2012 and music talent hunt in 2014. Our annual calendar gets its contents from the best twelve photographs taken by our colleagues and juried by renowned photographers of the country. Music talent hunt called ‘Esho Mili Surey Surey’ created great excitements among our employees. A panel of independent jury picks up the best five singers for the finale through several audition rounds. At EBL, we are for pursuing lasting performance by developing, nurturing and investing in the best talent, and encouraging them to express themselves.

Corporate governance deep rooted in our culture

At EBL we give utmost importance to key parameters of corporate governance such as board system and its independence, function of board sub-committees, fair financial reporting, disclosure and compliance, and consistency of shareholders value enhancement. All our banking activities center on these key principles of good governance.

As a strong believer of sustainable growth, principles of good corporate governance are embedded in the core values of EBL. Winning ICSB National Award for Corporate Governance Excellence for three years on the trot is recognition of our continuous effort to adopt and adapt to international best practices in corporate governance. This reflects on our consistency in value creation. An organization that sticks to high standard of corporate governance is most likely to withstand calamitous events of the market. We have navigated well through the rough waters of low investment and slow growth of the past couple of years because of our flexibility to adapt to changes. We drew our strength from our culture of sound corporate governance.

We create value through product innovation

When it comes to innovating products or offering bespoke services, EBL always has its nose in front.

In a few areas our leadership is undisputed: aviation financing is one such area. With innovative and tailor-made financial solutions, EBL has curved a niche for itself in banking industry Bangladesh. Over the past one decade excellent track record, special products, and the ability to innovate and keep pace with the fast changing world have made EBL the undisputable market leader in aircraft financing in the country. From financing Boeing purchase for national flag carrier to financing private sector airlines to helicopter import, EBL has made its mark in almost all areas of aviation industry.

For merchants we have just introduced the most reliable and robust payment gateway of the country called EBL Skypay. This gateway is being backed by MasterCard Payment Gateway Services (MPGS) providing multi-channel global payment processing services and advanced fraud prevention and risk management solutions to merchants and banks. Advanced technology from MPGS enables customers to accept and process payments in over 177 currencies, from over 45 brands across e-commerce, m-commerce channels and cardholder present channels – with the security and confidence of tools tailored to meet exacting and expanding business needs.

We believe that EBL is not just about meeting customers banking needs, it is a way of life. We would like to impact our customers’ lives by adding zest and spice. The Farzana Shakil Makeover Saloon at Gulshan North Branch priority center is a testimony how we care about our women customers. We want them to glam up while we take care of their banking requirements.

A Cut Above the Rest

In corporate banking, EBL is regarded as a leader in Bangladesh. With innovative and customized solutions and services, our corporate division emerged as a single point solution provider for customers including project financing, working capital, trade, supply chain, cash management solutions, payroll, syndication, merger, acquisition, and advisory service.

EBL is a pioneer among the local banks to develop Offshore Banking Unit and product offerings including Bill Discounting/Financing, bilateral and syndicated term loan, and other products for export processing zone customers and local manufacturers.

EBL has been closely working with multilaterals such as IFC, DEG, ADB, FMO, Proparco, CDC, Norfund to develop products and build up the largest OBU Asset book among the local banks.

EBL trade service department and service delivery department are regarded among the best in the market for our commitment to quality delivery and trade service operation. Our ISO 9001:2008 certifications for trade service and service delivery departments are a testimony to the international best practices that we follow at EBL.

EBL creates value through innovation. Our innovative solutions for working capital finance to importers and counter party exporters including offshore bill financing has won us IFC global award for Best Partner for Working Capital Systemic Solutions.

Eastern Bank Limited This job interview: Things that are important

Eastern Bank Limited Preparing to succeed in this job interview

Interviews, through which the employer can find out your personality, interests, purpose, and goals in your life, you and your skills are no longer limited to any paper. Interviews become a unique opportunity to present yourself efficiently in front of the employer. Basically, this is one of your Opportunities to present yourself directly to the employer through which you get the opportunity to explain to the employer with specific examples why you are eligible for the relevant position. On the other hand, the employer gets the opportunity to verify you thoroughly through the interview. So if you can’t present yourself in the right way in the interview, even if you have the talent, it is likely to end in failure. And the importance of good preparation for presenting yourself properly and successfully is undeniable. So let’s not know how to prepare for a successful interview.

Why the interview?

Good preparation is possible only when you know why you are preparing, what you are preparing for and what is the purpose of the person you are presenting yourself to. Why he is interviewing you. If you know these things then it is as easy to prepare for the interview as it is to present yourself fluently and efficiently. Then we do not know why the employer is interviewing.

  • Whether you have a clear idea of your goals, objectives, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Whether the candidate has any idea about the interviewed post
  • Skills, Qualifications Whether the candidate is helpful in fulfilling the goals of the organization or whether the candidate is able to prove it
  • Whether confident
  • Whether you can speak of your own abilities through past experience and specific evidence
  • Whether eligible for the relevant position

Throughout the interview, employers seek answers to this question, so you need to explain to them why you think you are fit for the position by describing your qualifications and skills.

Eastern Bank Limited There are three prerequisites for success in this job interview

1. Conquer fear

Conquer fear. If you can’t overcome the unreasonable fear inside you, he will never let you conquer it. You will see that you are losing despite having hundreds of qualifications. Because fear is losing you. You are trapped in a web of unnecessary worries. So conquer fear, not fear. Believe in yourself. Tell yourself you can. If it’s bad you won’t get the job, or anything more. Tell yourself three things to overcome unnecessary fear

  • You are not going to fall into a tiger cage
  • Not everyone in the world knows everything, there are many things you will know but employers will not know
  • You have nothing to lose, either you win or you learn

Also, come to the interview place 10 minutes before the day of the interview to scare the crap out of you. You will be able to enter the interview in a normal and fluent manner by overcoming the fear. Remember, if you are scared, you have lost, so overcome the fear, success is yours.

2. Practice practice and practice

Practice, practice, and practice, the importance of practice for a good interview is undeniable, so practice, practice as much as possible before going to the interview, prepare yourself as well as you will move towards success in the interview. Practice standing in front of the mirror, how you speak, take a good look at your expressions, see if you can satisfy yourself, and try to correct any mistakes in your eyes. Then stand in front of the mirror and interview the shadow again, this practice will break down your inner inertia so that you can present yourself more fluently during the main interview. You can enlist the help of your friends to give a little more dimension to your practice, arrange a shadow interview with them, ask about your expression, and express any nervous weakness in your eyes. Whether or not you get it, even if you can give a sense of confidence with your words if it is not expressed in your expression, it will not be credible among the employers. You can video your expressions to add a little more dimension to the preparation, see for yourself where things are going wrong, ask others, get their opinion and prepare yourself accordingly. Remember that good preparation paves the way for a good interview.

3. Day is not a dream

Never think that you will get your desired job through an interview, you have to think that it is just the beginning, no matter what the interview is, think that you will be successful in two ways, either you will get the job or you will learn something new which you will do well in the next interview. Ray gives.

Things to do the day before the interview

Good preparation is required for a successful interview, so let’s not know how to take good preparation;

  • Gather as much information about the organization as possible, remember that all this information will lead your interview to success, so know about the poles of the organization, who are their competitors, their position in the market, their work environment, etc. The valuable information you have gathered will make you confident on the day of the interview and the employers will understand that you are willing to work for this position and the employer will have a positive attitude towards you.
  • Decide in advance what you will say about yourself, make sure it is said in 2 to 3 minutes, so that when you are asked to say something about yourself you can say it in simple and fluent language, but be careful to do it in some way. Can’t hear by heart.
  • Prepare answers to some of the possible questions that often come up in interviews. These are some of the familiar questions that came up in the interview
    • Tell me something about yourself?
    • Why did you quit your previous job?
    • What do you know about this organization?
    • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
    • Why do you want to work for this organization?
    • What is your biggest achievement so far?
    • Why would we choose you?
    • How much money are you expecting to pay?
    • If you were the boss, what would you change in this organization?

Before going to the interview

Before you go to the interview, look in the mirror once more, see if your dress is right, if it reflects a professional attitude, and tell yourself with confidence that I can and see if you have the necessary paperwork, all the things that must be kept with you.

  • Three to four printed copies of your resume
  • Two pens, a pencil and the address of the interview to be held
  • Separate paper for keeping notes

Do whatever you can after arriving

  1. Try to arrive 10 minutes early, leave for an hour to avoid traffic jams
  2. Each candidate has to test his / her aptitude, skill, and personality to the employer, so check the possible questions once again so that you can present yourself in front of the employers fluently, confidently, and neatly.
  3. Go to the lounge and see you one more time like last time
  4. Greet the employer with a smile, shake hands with them confidently and sit down with permission
  5. Maintain a sense of confidence in the middle of your face, look into the eyes of employers and speak with a smiling expression.

What to do during the interview

  1. Pay attention to all the things you have prepared, but make sure that your words do not reflect in any way that you have already memorized the answers, try to speak very fluently and confidently.
  2. Stay calm and enjoy the conversation, get to know the organization as much as possible
  3. Go to the lounge and see you one more time like last time
  4. Ask questions, and try to understand what the employer is trying to convey to you.
  5. At the end of the interview, thank the interviewer and leave with the next step.

Interviews are always uncertain, you can’t say you can, you will win, in many cases despite hundreds of preparations you have faced some questions whose answers have made you very weak, you will notice that for some unknown reason your heavy self-confidence trembles. In the wake of the question-bun, many times employers start asking irrelevant questions, which can make you nervous, but keep in mind that one of the reasons for the emergence of these uncertain moments is to see you play, to see how you can stabilize yourself in uncertain moments at work. , So have courage, victory is yours.
Remember, one of the reasons for coming to the interview is to get a good job just like you and the main reason for organizing the interview is to find a suitable employee for their organization, so always remember, no matter what the recruiters do Not exclude, so they will ask you for proof in every case, to know you, to understand you. And that’s why you have to prove yourself at every moment, stick to the mentality of proving yourself until the end of the interview.
Remember that verifying you is one of the jobs of employers, so they may be very rude to you to play this verification a little more, they may come up with another question without giving you a chance to answer the question, which means you can work under pressure. See if that. So don’t lose the goal, not the courage, answer the question with self-confidence, then victory is yours.

Practice, practice, and practice

Repeated practice makes any task perfect. Want a good practice for a good job interview. As a result, you can catch your mistake in advance and get a chance to correct it on your own. According to experts, a good practice can bring unimaginable results. All these inertia and weaknesses can be easily overcome through good practice. Let’s not know how to practice for a job interview.

Find out your weaknesses

Find out your weaknesses. Think about some of the things in the interview that scare you. What topics do you want to work on? If the interview environment frightens you, or you mess up the answers while answering the question, you can work on these issues. Find out in this way what topics you want to work on. For this, you can make a list of your weaknesses and try to figure out how to overcome those weaknesses.

Create a shadow interview environment

Practice what you have decided to do. Now create an environment for interviews. This environment can include a chair, a table, and two of your assistants who will act as employers. If an assistant is not available or a shadow interview cannot be arranged like a chair table, you can choose the mirror as your assistant. It is good to be able to record the entire interview so that you can see and correct your mistakes later.

Get started

The atmosphere of the shadow interview has been created. Give an interview now. Never think that this is a false interview. Imagine you are giving an interview. Interview from start to finish. If you make a mistake, start again. Go through it until you are satisfied. If you are in front of a mirror, take good care of yourself. Write down your mistakes at the end of the interview and correct the interview again until you are satisfied with yourself.

Accept comments simply

Accept your helper’s comments at the end of the shadow interview. Find out where you went wrong. Take things in stride and try not to focus too much on the problem. And correct that and interview again. Correct yourself through repeated practice in this way.

You are not a robot

You have to take care that your behavior does not become like a robot in any way. So that the answers are not memorized as a result of repeated practice. Don’t feel like you’ve memorized or have trouble answering. Make sure the answers sound easy and fluent. You have to practice answering easily and fluently.
A good preparation paves the way for a good interview. And I want more practice for better preparation. Which will gradually overcome your fears, and inertia and help you to present yourself with confidence. Above all, a successful candidate will present to the employers.

Conquer fear

Fear is our greatest enemy. In spite of your immense talent and qualifications, unreasonable fear of your talent Eastern Bank Limited Doesn’t let it happen. An invisible chain obstructs your hands, feet, eyes, face, and everything. And because of this invisible chain of fear, you can understand that despite knowing the answer, the correct answer has not been given to you. Your trembling throat has lowered your voice, and your hands and feet have become like hardwood so you could not, despite knowing the answer. So in order to be successful in a job interview, to get the job of your dreams in hand, the first thing to do is to overcome the fear. Then let’s not know how to get rid of fear from the mind.

Think positive

Think positive, not defeat. You can. It is possible with you. Those who can are just like you. Don’t worry about what will happen if you don’t, whether you will suffer a great loss. Tell yourself, “If you can’t do it once, look at it a hundred times. Tell me either I will win or I will learn.” There is no such thing as defeat. You will be the winner if you stick if you have concentration and perseverance. So don’t overwhelm yourself with negative thoughts, think I can, by me. Tell yourself I will come with my hundred percent and then if defeat comes I will accept and correct my mistakes and jump again. Think positively in this way, your inner fear will not take root.

Click here to read more, thanks.

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পছন্দের এলাকায় পার্টটাইম/ফুলটাইম চাকরি খুঁজে পেতে এই অ্যাপটি ইন্সটল করে এখনই আবেদন করুন

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