PALEO DIET (No grains, dairy or refined sugar)

Modak variations: Cashew caramel modak, rose butterscotch modak, kesar modak, chocolate modak

If you are on a paleo diet, try the rose butterscotch and cashew caramel modaks this time, recommends baker and nutritionist Simran Bapu. “Since paleo diet means avoiding grains, dairy and refined sugar, we try to curate recipes which are made from nut flour, like almond flour, and natural sweeteners, like coconut sugar or maple syrup. Nut milk is used in the preparation too,” says Simran, adding, “Rose butterscotch modaks have a dense filling of almond flour, rose water, butterscotch essence, rose petals, coconut sugar, and almond milk. The mixture is then rolled in a fine powder of butterscotch.” Elaborating on the cashew caramel variant, she adds, “It is made with a gooey filling of cashew paste, cashew flour, almonds, and homemade caramel made using coconut sugar. We use cashew milk sweetened with stevia. Lastly, the filling is covered with vegan white chocolate.”

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