Airtel SIM New Offer (#1 Todays Best Deal!!!!)

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Airtel SIM New Offer: In contrast to India, Airtel in Bangladesh (Bengali: এয়ারটেল) never had a huge share. They’ve only cared for about 7% of the national subscribers. Their 4G network was limited to the Dhaka metro area and some provincial capitals, but has grown much bigger with the help of Robi: (4G coverage map). The Airtel brand seems to be maintained as second brand of Robi-Airtel.

With network integration underway in 2017 existing Airtel subscribers can now enjoy double their previous network coverage across in the integrated regions, alongside improved 3G mobile data speeds due to the integration of the former standalone operators’ 2100 MHz 3G spectrum. Airtel Bangladesh network users activating the option to switch to the combined network receive free one-off bonus mobile data allowances as an incentive. You need to select any Robi-Axiata network manually.


Airtel SIM New Offer: A starter pack is sold at 100 BDT with 50 MB data for 10 days and 5 BDT with 90 days validity in their service centers (locator). You can recharge online, by electronic recharge kiosks or Easy Recharge in fast food outlets, cafés, super markets and some banks.

Airtel SIM New Offer

Airtel SIM New Offer (#1 Todays Best Deal!!!!)

Data feature package

Airtel SIM New Offer: They offer these internet packages for 3G and 4G, add 21% taxes:

Volume Time Price (Tk.) Activation
1 GB 2 days 35 BDT *123*035#
60 MB 3 days 17 BDT *8444*88#
1.5 GB 3 days 52 BDT ???
150 MB 7 days 27 BDT *8444*88#
1 GB 7 days 89 BDT *123*089#
3 GB 159 BDT *123*159#
4 GB 179 BDT *123*179#
7 GB 199 BDT ???
1.5 GB 28 days 209 BDT *123*209#
2 GB 229 BDT *123*229#
3 GB 298 BDT *123*298#
4 GB 398 BDT *123*398#
5 GB 498 BDT *123*498#
10 GB 899 BDT *123*899#
15 GB 1399 BDT *123*1399#
25 GB 1699 BDT *123*1699#

Airtel SIM New Offer: To check balance, type 844488#.

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There remain 4 mobile network operators in Bangladesh:

  • Grameenphone (joint venture with Telenor)
  • Robi-Airtel (by Malaysian Axiata Group and Indian Bharti Airtel) currently merging their networks
  • Banglalink (by internatl. Vimpelcom)
  • Teletalk (state-owned)

The 3 biggest private operators Grameenphone, Banglalink and Robi-Airtel have more than 95% of all customers. Airtel has applied for a merger with Robi in 2015, which was approved in 2016 and merging their networks in 2017. A 6th provider called Citycell based on GSM-incompatible CDMA was shut down in 2016/7 for not paying its dues.


With all operators 2G is on 900 and 1800 MHz. 3G up to HSPA+ on 2100 MHz is still in the population centers mostly. In 2017 the regulator has made all licenses technology-neutral and will give out new spectrum in 2018. The three operators Grameenphone, Robi-Airtel and Banglalink have started 4G/LTE in February 2018.


To purchase a SIM card, the official legal requirements are a registration with:

  • one or two passport size color photographs
  • photo copy of the passport and visa of Bangladesh

There are some shops or street vendors who will not ask for it. But by law it’s required and you should be ready to show and provide it. The price for a SIM card is usually between 100 and 500 BDT. After getting out from the airport exit door, SIM cards may be bought from snack shops located outside the airport. Alternatively, you may visit any top-up or service center of the mobile operators. Wherever you go, you will find within 100 meters some mobile SIM card and top-up vendors.

In 2015 a SIM registration system has been established. Bangladeshis can send their national ID number by SMS. Foreigners should go to the shops for registration showing their passport/visa. All unregistered SIM cards are to be blocked and discontinued after an April 30th, 2016 deadline.


You can go to almost any phone shop to top-up prepaid credit. You don’t have to go to the provider whose network you’re using. Some corner shops also do top-ups. The usual phrase used for topping-up your phone in Bangladesh is ‘flexi-load’.


In November 2015 the government blocked social media and messaging apps like Facebook, Viber, Whatsapp, Line and some more on all providers for a few days because of security concerns.


Unfortunately the providers display rates with or without taxes. From 2017 add at total of 21% taxes (15% VAT sales tax and 5% telecom tax plus 1% supplementary duty) to all given prices of Airtel and Teletalk, while in Grameenphone’s, Robi’s and Banglalink’s rates taxes are already included.

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